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Agathe Ensemble

Through these different groups, Agathe Ensemble aims to reach a broader audience, while also opening up an exciting and diverse repertoire.

At the moment there are 3 active groups: String Quartet, Duo Violin&Cello, and Cello Duo. All groups develop and perform their own programs on a regular basis.

Other Agathe ensembles appear at the request or on the initiative of the members.

Agathe String Quartet

Violinists Aleksandra Kwiatkowska and Ella van der Mespel, violist Almudena González-Regueral, and cellist Iván Nogueira form the Agathe String Quartet. The joy of making music together led us to become even more ambitious and strive for high-quality concerts in both content and performance. Recently, the Agathe String Quartet was part of the Candlelight events in Amsterdam and has launched their own concert series called String Up! - Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven. In 2023, the Agathe String Quartet will release their first studio album: Intimate Sketches. On this album, the quartet will perform music by composers Janáček, Bartók, and Shostakovich. This music, originally composed for piano, will be recorded with strings for the first time. In this way, Agathe aims to rediscover the music of these Eastern European masters with their personal touch. The album is scheduled for release in October 2023.

Agathe String quartet_Karen-van-Gilst_280222_hr_01.jpg

Agathe Duo - violin&cello

The Violin and Cello duo is a truly exceptional combination due to the beauty and the wide range of possibilities offered by both string instruments. However, at the same time, it presents a considerable challenge for both composers and performers to create textures and harmonies that are typically provided by a full string quartet or a piano. Great composers have written for this ensemble, including Haydn, Ravel, Halvorsen, Gliere, and Vasks. Their works are often highly virtuosic, requiring advanced instrumental skills and musical craftsmanship. Aleksandra and Iván also enjoy exploring and arranging music traditionally played by other instruments, such as Beethoven's duets originally composed for clarinet and bassoon or Bartok's Romanian Folk Dances written for string orchestra. They are also interested in Tango and Celtic folk music, which adds a broad spectrum of musical styles to their repertoire.

Agathe Viool Cello Duo.jpg

Agathe Cello Duo

From the Agathe Ensemble, the Agathe Cello Duo emerges, consisting of Iván Nogueira and Pau Marquès. It is a beautiful and compact combination where both players can take equal roles by continuously exchanging melodies or basslines. Two cellists engaging in conversation, challenging and inspiring each other.

Agathe Cello Duo.jpg

Projects and programs

Intimate Sketches
Agathe Debuut Album

In recent years, the String Quartet and Violin&Cello Duo have been the core of Agathe. The fun and inspiring time together has brought us to a new fun challenge: Agathe's first studio album.

We have titled the album "Intimate Sketches". We bring together the music of 3 great Eastern European composers: Janáček, Bartók and Shostakovich. It is quite unknown music that tells life experiences and deep emotions. Though other pieces are a bit lighter, borrowing from local folk music traditions. A very varied and fun program.​

Listen here to the music


Order the album: Intimate Sketches | Book & CD

All tracks, originally conceived as piano miniatures, are played and recorded by string players for the first time. The pieces, with an average length of only 1 minute (!), have been arranged by Iván, for both the String Quartet and the Violin&Cello Duo.

The music will be released alongside an illustrated and designed booklet by artist Roland Tóth. This booklet not only contains beautiful sketches and illustrations inspired by the music, but also offers fascinating background stories. Within the pages of the book you will find the CD.

Intimate Sketches_mockup-paperback-.png

Candlelight Concerts

Agathe Ensemble has worked together since 2022 with Fever on a unique concert format: Candlelight concerts. These concerts take place in unique venues illuminated by hundreds of candles. The programs offer a wide range of music genres, from classical to pop and film music, including tributes to artists such as Coldplay, ABBA, Queen, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Joe Hisaishi, and many more. 

Candlelight Concerts have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, breaking barriers and making classical music accessible and appealing to a broad audience. The Candlelight concert series continues to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression on music lovers.

Agathe String Quartet_Candlelight.jpeg

CELLO by&for

CELLO by&for is het nieuw programma van het Agathe Ensemble, waarin de cello en de cellisten centraal staan.

De combinatie van 2 cello's in de afgelopen 300 jaar is grotendeels uitgebuit door de uitvoerders zelf, die als geen ander wisten hoe ze hun instrument op de mooiste en meest fascinerende manieren kunnen bespelen. Met dit programma verkent het Agathe Cello Duo de muziek van oude cellomeesters als S. Lee, G. Cervetto, D. Popper en F. Grützmacher. De geselecteerde muziekwerken, oorspronkelijk gecomponeerd voor Cello Duo, laten ons hun eigen unieke benadering van het instrument horen, hun emoties, humor en virtuositeit.

Daarnaast presenteren de artiesten ook hun persoonlijke visie op het instrument, met 2 nieuwe originele werken die ze zelf hebben gecomponeerd, geïnspireerd op verschillende Europese volksmuziektradities.

Agathe Cello Duo b4h.jpg

Translucent Strings

Translucent Strings is een van laatste producties van Agathe Ensemble. Muziek en beelden die verhalen willen vertelen.

Violist Aleksandra Kwiatkowska en cellist Iván Nogueira spelen een gevarieerd programma, muziek uit de 20e en 21 eeuw zoals "Castillo Interior” van P. Vasks en "Jiayou" van de Nederlandse jonge componiste Myrthe van de Weetering. Ook komen er Hongaarse en Roemeense nummers van B. Bartok, en argentijnse tango van C. Gardel. 

Muziek en beelden gaan hand in hand. Beeldend kunstenaar Efthymios Stravopoulos zorgt voor projecties die aan de sfeer passen, en de veerbelding van de luisteraar prikkelen. Tijdens het concert krijg de publiek aanwijzingen over de achtergrond van elk stuk muziek. Maar uitendelijk zal de publiek zelf door de klank en beelden de verhalen op een uniek manier ontdekken.

Translucent Strings is een productie van Agathe Ensemble, mogelijk dankzij de ondersteuning van Fonds Podium Kunsten.

Translucent Strings_Barthkapel Den Haag_Juni 2021.JPG
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